Terms to know

D.i.y: Short for Do it Yourself
Zine: A self published magazine often touching on topics not covered in mass media.                                                                                 Chicanx:An individual with Mexican roots but living in the United States.

Whats up with the X in everything? The X used in Chicanx, Womxn, Latinx..etc... is to not assume that everyone identifies with a masculine of feminine identity. I'd like to try to keep things gender neutral in these words so that we don't alienate trans & gender non-conforming persons. There is lots of controversy to the X and how it ties with language, this is just my personal choice and what i use in all my zines. When talking of myself i use Chicana with an a,as i identify as a feminine womxn.  I'm forever always learning about how I can be more inclusive. Lets talk through email if you see any language I can improve on in person or in my zines. @frijolerxpress@gmail.com.

Whats sliding scale?: Sliding scale prices take into consideration a persons income. For example for Tranquila Zine, I sell it at $8-10 sliding scale at events. $8 is if you are a person who has a low income or has more obstacles when succeeding in this society such as being a womxn/person of color, womxn, disabled, sick, trans, queer, gender non conforming etc...

Honestly, if your a really well off, able bodied, healthy, male especially white male, please don't ask for a discounted price because well society's designed for you, and there is no reason you shouldn't be able to spend $10 dollars plus shipping.

Message me @ frijolerxpress@gmail.com or

IG: Chicana_Catwomxn to discuss a price adjustment.