Chicanas y Calaveras #1

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Chicanas y Calaveras Volume 1 is finally here in the Frijolera shop! A zine that showcases all of the weird & brown kids, the Chicanx ponkeras, and the vegan anarchist. If your a Chicanx Outcast this is the zine for you.

Inside you will find:
- "Marinas song" by Esperanza Cisneros, a story about her Tia Marina who introduced a young Esperanza to her first show. This story is about the love of family and that family showing you what being Punk Rock is all about!
- Chingonx spotlight interview with Bianca Recendez, Chicana Lead singer of the punk/goth/vampire sex band, La Buena Muerte.
-Te amo/ Te odio Ska playlist
-Vegan Ceviche Recipe
...& more! 25 pages of Subcultural goodness with a gold cover!
Please give 7-14 days to ship out as this is a presale!