Glamboyant 1 & 2 Packet Set


Image of Glamboyant 1 & 2 Packet Set

This Gay-mazing two pack contains issues 1 & 2 of Glamboyant Zine; a zine for all the queers, queens, and non binary Q-ties. This pack includes issue 1 : Cover printed in Silver paper. The poem "Jotas Luneras" by Queer Drops, Shea Coco's " My Story" on discovering their Non-binary identity, artwork, and much more.
Issue 2: includes a focus of Drew trap Girl, lead singer of Trap Girl and founder of Transgress Fest. Also included is "Banquet" by Queer Drops, "Chicken Wing
Issue 2 is printed on purple metallic paper.
This pack also includes a Glamboyant sticker and pin.